About Goodfish Group

The Goodfish Group is a privately-owned business, based in the Midlands. Goodfish is focused on plastic injection-moulding, tool-making and vacuum forming. Since being founded in 2010, it has grown rapidly through acquisitions in the Cannock and Worcester areas, with further acquisitions in the pipeline.

The focus at Goodfish is on hiring, developing and rewarding the best people in the industry. We pride ourselves on being different, being open and honest...and having no truck with any politics at work. Whoever you are and whatever you do in the Goodfish Group, you must have respect for other people in the organisation. There is no room for prima donnas here. You don't succeed at Goodfish by buttering up your manager or colleagues. You succeed at Goodfish because you care about our journey and want to contribute to the effort it takes to reach our destination. Where's that? "To infinity and beyond"!

The Goodfish employee is diligent, conscientious and throws him/herself into his/her work. Work is not a chore; it's something that fulfils as well as paying the bills. We're looking for people with an edge; people who think about what they do rather than those who amble aimlessly through life. When we interview you, we'll want to know not just what you've achieved in your work life, but also what you do when you're not at work. What have you learned or done outside of work? Where have you travelled? What do you read or listen to? Are you active outside of work? Why do we want to know this? Is it because we're just nosey? No, it's because we want people who are driven, motivated, interesting and energetic. Sloths and couch potatoes can work elsewhere.

Current openings

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